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Professional Voice Over & Audio Production for Content Creators.

Professional Voice Over & Audio Production for Content Creators.

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Client-Focused Service You Can Trust.

Our clients repeatedly use the same words to convey their feelings about us: on-time, reliable, quick, professional, outstanding, wonderful...always with an exclamation point. 


We are not a large voice over marketplace. We are a small boutique company that provides one-to-one service, low-cost solutions, and high-end results. We have helped thousands of content creators bring their visions to life. You can count on Superior Sound & Voice to be a partner on your project.

We offer:

Get Started with Just a Few Clicks!

Listen to our voice talent demos and see if there is a voice that fits your vision. Choose either:

HOUSE TALENT. If you are in a hurry and need a voice today, or have a small project or budget, you can purchase House Talent services by clicking order now.

House Talent provide 3 hour or quicker turnaround on most projects. To get a custom audition, click on "request audition." 

PREMIER TALENT. If you are not in a hurry, or have a  project that demands a special voice or language,

get a quote from our Premier Talent. An audition of your script will accompany your quote at no charge. 

Then simply fill in the information and hit submit! Now relax, we'll handle the rest!


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Featured Voice Over Projects

Why Superior Sound and Voice?

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Vetted Professional Talent

We carefully vet and only work with professional voice actors. Our talent are not hobbyists.

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Live Studio Direction

Our Premier talent will provide live studio direction via Zoom, Skype or another platform.

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Award-Winning Casting

Any voice over site can send out an email and ask voice actors to audition a script. What we do goes way beyond that.  

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Our Contact List

We work with amazing talent with unique and interesting voices that tell stories.

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Personal Service

We are not the Walmart of voice over. We have a small number of talent and we work with you directly.

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Quick Service

Our house talent can deliver your voice over within 2 hours of script and payment approval.

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Joe P. 


"We do a lot of recordings, use a lot of contractors, and have had many experiences with recording companies. I'm glad to report, they have all been good experiences. But, the experience I had with Superior Sound and Voice was exceptional. Just as promised, the 639 word multi part script was recorded and ready in one hour and the first take was perfect. I recommend them to any business owner."

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Christopher Y.

Choice Hotels

"Very easy to work with! His unique voice and styling was perfect for our e-learning modules - authoritative, yet friendly and conversational. Couldn't have asked for a better experience." 

5 star review.png
Cornelus G.

Cosmos Marketing

"They are very pleasant to work with, deliver recordings very fast, and always with the exact tone of voice that the project requires. They are always willing to take the extra step to make the voice work sound spectacular."

5 star review.png
Jorge E.


"They had a super fast turnaround. The fast response time and professional performance made it easier for me and my team to move forward with production without delays." 

Voice Over Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I hire a Voice Talent?

Listen to our talent demos and then use our quick "order now" option! It's simple and easy and we do all the work!

Can I get a custom audition of my script? 

Yes! In fact we highly recommend an audition before hiring a voice talent. Just click on the "audition" tab to get started. Auditions are FREE of charge!

How fast can I get the Voice Over back?

For short scripts up to 1.5 minutes, as fast at *two hours! For longer scripts, we'll give you an estimate in our quote. 

*House Talent Only

Why Hire a Professional Voice Talent?

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Think about the purpose of your project. If you plan to market your video to other businesses, promote your store's big sale on Facebook, use it as a radio or television commercial, or teach your employees about OSHA standards, you need a professional voice talent. 


When you start searching for your voice actor, ask yourself these questions when listening to their demos:

1.  Do they know how to use their voice? Do they tell a story about whatever it is they're promoting? For eLearning or training projects, do they properly enunciate words and maintain a steady pace so the ESL audience isn't left behind? Do they properly convey the meaning of what they are speaking about?

2. Do they use professional equipment or the built-in camera on the iPhone or iPad?  Does it sound like they are sitting at a desk in a cavernous room with lots of echo? Does this matter? Yes! It is distracting to your audience. The voice is not focused and present, so your message is not clear or understood. 

Professional  vs. Hobbyist. Is the talent offering their services for $5.00 "just to get the experience?" Is your product or service worth more than $5.00? Professionals invest in training, equipment, and their business. Hobbyists may not be around in 6 months or a year to update your voice over. 

Superior Sound and Voice is operated by experienced professionals with over 30 years in the industry. We will be here when you need us.