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Podcast Production

Podcast Production

The most important aspect of your podcast besides the content, is your audio quality. It's no secret that bad audio quality will result in a quick tune out from your audience. If you have heard other podcasts and said to yourself, "why doesn't my audio sound that good?" then let Superior Sound and Voice help you achieve a new level of audio quality.




With over 80 years of combined experience in radio, TV, music and live performance, we can help you improve your audio dramatically.  Of course, the "sound" of your audio is just the beginning. Whether it's just you, you and a guest, or a full blown production with music, commercials, audio inserts, etc, we can edit your content so it sounds professional, flows seamlessly, and keeps your audience tuned in. We can also help you get started on how to treat the recording space you'll be working in, the proper equipment, how to properly address the microphone, recording two or more guests, and more. 


Try us before you buy! We'll edit and produce the first 15 minutes of one podcast episode for free. Our services are very affordable, starting at $30 per hour, and all of our knowledge and input is free when you hire us to produce your podcast. 

Here is a sample from a beginner podcast with extreme host speaker and audio quality issues. The host was unable to re-record, so we repaired what we could. It's better than the original, but now, with our advice and assistance on mic technique and room treatment, his podcasts are 100% better. 

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