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Promo Voice Over

Promo Voice Over

Promotional voice over, or "promo" for short, refers to anything that "promotes" a product, a service, an image, or a broadcast program. Promos are different than commercials, as typically the product or service being promoted is not retail-oriented. 

Depending on the subject matter, a promo doesn't always need a voice over, but if yours does, keep in mind not all voice talent can do promo voice over. You need a talent that can convey the sense of urgency the product or service demands. If it's an image promo, you need a talent who can emote the kind of tone it deserves. 

We have very versatile and experienced talent who can provide promo voice over, whether it's a trailer for a TV movie, product promo for a corporation, or an image promo for a country's tourism campaign.

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